Passion fruit

What is an exotic fruit?
Simply a fruit which is not cultivated in France because of the climate and which is imported from foreign countries and overseas departments. So “exotic” has never been synonymous with fantasy. And, exotic as they are, these fruits are not always wonders of taste.

The exotic fruit season with us is winter … Normal! Because if it’s winter here it’s summer in the southern hemisphere. CQFD. This is why they are found on festive tables.

Passion fruit or grenadilla
From a liana commonly called passionflower native to South America, passion fruit are more or less round berries, purple, weighing 60 to 90 grams with a smooth shell which becomes wrinkled when the fruit is maturity.

Its yellow to orange pulp contains a multitude of black seeds. It is tangy and very fragrant. So tasty, moreover, that its fragrance is used by the food industry to flavor all so-called “exotic flavor” products!

Low in calories, passion fruit is rich in fiber, provitamin A and Vitamin C. It is generally eaten raw. Just cut it in half and collect the pulp and seeds with a small spoon.

You will happily add it to your fruit salads, ice creams, smoothies, fruit pies and compotes.

Why is pomegranate also called passion fruit?
The grenadilla is the fruit of a flower called “passionflower” or passion flower supposed to represent the Passion of Christ and his crown of thorns.



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